Two Black Whippets in a Woodland with Long Green Grass
Two Black Whippets in a Woodland with Long Green Grass

Completely Natural and Plastic Free

Handcrafted and British Made

Safer and Sustainable Materials

Responsible and Recyclable Packaging

About Us

Hello! We’re Ben & Natalie, husband and wife team born and raised in the North and now currently residing in the beautiful Cotswolds with our two adorable hounds, Bonnie and Claudie, who we rescued in 2018.

Our brand began as an idea towards the end of 2018 when we were hit by the question, “why are almost all dog toys made from plastic or other materials that are not friendly to our environment and not always safe for our dogs?”.

We have always had dogs as family pets and it goes without saying that we are both huge dog lovers, though it wasn’t until we became dog parents ourselves to Bonnie and Claudie that we really started to look more closely at the products we were buying them, how safe they were for our dogs, the materials that they were made from and the impact they were having on our environment. This was also around the time when we all became well aware of the devastating effects plastic pollution was having on our environment and marine life.

Feeling underwhelmed by the lack of natural, exciting, safe and sustainable toys for dogs on the market today, we decided to utilize our skills and professional design engineering experience to create innovative products for dogs that were not only simple and stylish and fun for them to play with, but that were British made, eco-friendly, sustainable and plastic free.

After months of brainstorming ideas, designing, time spent researching materials, product testing and everything else that goes into starting your own company, we turned our idea into reality and set off on our Smug Mutts adventure in January 2020.

Our current product range is ever evolving, and we will continue to design and innovate to bring you more natural products for your dogs to enjoy. We hope that you will join us on our journey to encourage people to be more conscious about the products they are buying their dogs and the impact they have on them and our environment.

Meet the Smug Mutts Team, Owners and there Two Black Dog Crouch Down

Meet the Team

Creator, organiser and dog lover

Designer, maker and dog lover

Bonnie and Claudie
Quality control, cuddle givers, models and human lovers