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Every bit of the package you will receive which includes the box, inner tissue paper/wood wool, sticky tape, flyer/business card, is made from eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable materials and is free from plastic. Click on on our materials and processessection to find out more.


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Sizing and Safety

We’ve written a blog about it here which explains the different lead lengths. Click here

It is very important that you choose the right sized toy for the size of your dog. The majority of our toys come in 3 sizes designed to suit puppies/small breeds, medium sized breeds and large breeds. If a toy is too small it can be a choking hazard. 

If your dog is eating the rope then remove the toy immediately.
The short fibres of hemp rope are unlikely to cause harm if ingested in small quantities as they should pass through the digestive system without getting tangled. That said however if you believe your dog has ingested any large bits of rope then consult your vet for advice if you are concerned. Never leave your dog unsupervised whilst playing with toys.

Beechwood is a close grained, splinterless hardwood that softens when wet allowing teeth to sink into it. It contains no toxins or chemicals and you often see it in children’s teething toys because of its natural qualities. If the wood is chewed then small bits can come away from it but will be of a mushy consistency. When the wooden ball dries it can be sanded back to smooth the surface again. Whilst our toys will withstand a light chew, they are designed for interactive play such as throw, fetch and tug of war and should not be left with your dog to chew on for long periods. Never leave your dog unsupervised whilst playing with toys.


Hemp rope is a natural, environmentally friendly strong plant fibre. Click here for more detailed information on the qualities of hemp rope. 

Hemp rope fibres are very short (unlike many polyester ropes) so can come apart from the ends of rope when pulled. This is entirely normal - you can just collect the fibres and pop them in your compost or green bin. 


That’s great! We work with many online retailers and bricks and mortar stores and welcome requests for all sizes businesses. Please get in touch and we’ll get back to you with more info.

We do not yet have that option on our website. Please contact us to discuss further if you wish to become a stockist of our products.