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Smug Mutts Eco Friendly Dog Product and Eco Friendly Dog Toys All Handmade in the UK, 100% Plastic Free, Sustainable Materials, Natural Hemp Rope and Beech Wood

Completely Natural and Plastic Free

Handcrafted and British Made

Safer and Sustainable Materials

Responsible and Recyclable Packaging


It’s an integral part of our process to minimise our environmental footprint in every way we can from buying responsibly sourced wood, organically grown European sourced hemp and UK sourced hand crafted wool felt to using natural materials for packaging orders.

Smug Mutts Tug-a-Ball Natural Hemp and Beech Wood Eco Friendly Dog Toy Resting on a Log, All Handmade in the UK and 100% Plastic Free

Choosing the Right Materials

After extensive testing and trialing of different materials, we found that natural Hemp Rope, untreated Beechwood and natural Wool Felt offered us the safest and most sustainable combination for our products. Here’s what’s good about them…

Natural Hemp

Natural Hemp Rope benefits the environment as well as your dog - here's why:

- Sheds in short length fibres which are safer if digested in small amounts unlike cotton and other synthetic rope toys.

- Naturally anti-microbial and resistant to mould.

- Can act as a natural tooth brush and the soft texture helps massage dogs gums.

- Has a lovely earthy smell which dogs love!

- No herbicides, pesticides or chemicals are required in the growing process.

- Requires very little water to grow compared to cotton, and it returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil.

FSC Beech Wood

Beech is a widely available hardwood and it makes a fantastic alternative to plastic - here's why;

- It is strong and durable.

- A close grain structure means no large splinters or sharp chunks should break off.

- When chewed the wood becomes soft and when dry if it feels rough it can be sanded back to its former glory.

- Contains no additional treatments, chemicals or preservatives. 

- Non-toxic and is even used in children's teething toys due to its qualities!

- Can be treated with coconut oil to preserve the wood.

Natural Wool Felt

Natural wool felt has so many unique properties that make it a fantastic choice for use by humans and hounds alike! Here's why:

- It is a renewable environmentally friendly material which is 100% natural.

- Wool felt is wear resistant, stain resistant, odour resistant and water resistant.

- Anti-microbial, resistant to mould and hypoallergenic.

- Lightweight and soft whilst also being one of the most durable and resilient fabrics that will not ravel and fray due to it's tightly woven fiber structure.

- Safe for use in children's toys (meets European EN71 safety requirements).

- It’s one of the oldest fabrics manufactured in the world. 

- At the end of it's days, wool felt can be recycled or composted.

Smug Mutts Natural Hemp and Wool Felt Lead Handle, Eco Friendly and Handmade in the UK