Natural Hemp Traffic Lead

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✔️ 100% Plastic Free, Natural and Sustainable

✔️ Hypoallergenic and Anti-microbial

✔️ Strong and Soft to Touch

✔️ Handmade in the UK 

Smug Mutts stylish traffic leads are a lightweight, short and convenient dog leash which are designed for infrequent use when out and about in busy places to keep your pup close or for use whilst training. They are not your everyday dog lead and are designed to be worn by medium to large breed dogs either attached to a collar or harness.

Our leads are individually handmade from premium quality, soft and natural hemp rope that is both durable and strong.

The hemp rope leads is carefully spliced by hand, it comes with a spring snap and O-ring and is finished off with a decorative hemp twine whipping.

Size Guide - measured from the top of the handle to the base of the lead, not including the spring snap:

  • 1.5ft / 45cm (approx.) - 12mm Rope Thickness

As each lead is individually handcrafted to order, slight variations are to be expected.

Whats Good About it?

Lightweight, soft and comfortable to hold whilst being strong and durable.

Naturally anti-microbial, resistant to mould and hypoallergenic.

Simple yet stylish in neutral tones.

High quality spring snap and O-ring.


100% natural and plastic free.

Hand crafted in the UK with an EU supply chain.

Hemp is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly crops. It requires significantly less land and less water to grow in comparison to cotton, and no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals are required during the growing process.

Caring for your Lead

Not suitable for machine washing. If cleaning is required gently hand-wash in lukewarm water and air dry. The lead may shrink and feel stiff once dry but it will loosen up.

Appropriate use and care should be taken to ensure leash longevity.