How long should my dog lead be?

How long should my dog lead be?

Dog leads come in all different styles, materials, widths and lengths. It often feels as though the variety of options available are endless but essentially all dog leads have the same purpose; to keep your dog safe, to keep them under control whilst out and about and to assist whilst you are training your dog.

3,4 and 5ft leads, which length is best for me?

The length of the lead you chose entirely depends on what you are wanting to use it for and what best suits you and your dog. You may find having a selection of lead lengths and styles is best for more versatility!

3ft and 4ft leads are great for overall control on your everyday walk in more crowded places e.g. walking through your local town, through the woods or park.  Having a shorter length lead is also good for dogs who still need a little guidance or when you are teaching your dog to walk to heel. 

The 5ft lead is an ideal and manageable length for everyday use; it’s long enough to give your dog freedom to sniff and have a little explore around whilst also short enough for you to regain control quickly if needed without getting in a tangle! Whether you have a small pup or a larger breed dog, this length is perfect for walking around parks, countryside and other less busy areas.

Black Whippet Looking at it’s Owner Whilst on a Smug Mutts Natural Hemp Lead

When would I use a short / traffic lead?

The 1-2ft traffic lead is ideal for short-term use whilst visiting small or crowded places with your dog. It is best used for walking medium-larger breed dogs given its short length, and helps keep them close by and safe in those busy, built up areas without having lengths of lead getting in the way. It can also be a great tool when your dog is in training or when practicing the ‘heel’ cue.

Black Whippet on a Smug Mutts Natural Hemp Traffic Lead with a Grey O-Ring and Spring Snap Clip