What is Plastic Free July?

Updated: Jul 13

We are all increasingly aware of the detrimental effects single use plastic is having on our environment, our wildlife, and in particular, our oceans.

Plastic Free July is a global initiative encouraging everyone to reduce their consumption of single use plastics throughout the whole of July (and beyond!). It was launched in Australia in 2011, and last year saw a whopping 250 million people across 177 countries take part. You will find some really useful information and details on how to get involved over on their website

Here's a few simple tips

Plastic is everywhere. Whilst completely eliminating it from our daily lives may feel like an almost impossible and challenging task, it is important for each one of us to take meaningful steps to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic products and find alternatives that can then become long lasting habits.

Even small changes can make a difference such as;

  • Use a reusable cup

  • Avoid plastic packaged food where possible

  • Shop local and choose loose fruit and veg

  • Take a cotton/canvas tote bag or reusable bag with you to the supermarket/farmer's market

  • Ditch the plastic drinks bottle and invest in a stainless steel refillable bottle

  • Carry reusable utensils and containers with you to work or when you are on-the-go

  • Say no to plastic straws

Don't forget your dog too!

We can also introduce this into our furry family members lives too! Although their plastic consumption in general is low, we can make some simple changes and be mindful of the products we buy for them to help reduce their ecological ‘paw-print’.

  • Swap to 100% compostable poop bags

  • Check the food packaging is recyclable or compostable

  • Choose reusable food tin can covers rather than clingfilm

  • Look for dog shampoo bars as an alternative to plastic bottled shampoo

  • Choose eco-friendly dog toys of course that are completely plastic free!

We have a great selection of plastic free toys for dogs, all made in the UK and 100% natural. Click here to see our range!

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